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We at loanscalculator.org understand our client's needs for various financial needs. We found that only few sites are fully dedicated towards the same and it inspired us to kick off loanscalculator.org and dedicate the same to our patrons.

We are a perfect financial aid to all your needs. Here you will find all your financial queries meeting gratification. We provide free loan calculator software to our clients for all kinds of financial supports. The loan calculator provided in our site is fully dedicated to our users and is free and the same can be used for the repayment of the loan.

The specialty of loanscalculator.org is that it provides a potential end user all the results in formatted frame (tables) and also in non formatted ones as per your preferences of use.Using this calculator, you can find out monthly installments (EMI) you need to shell out for your different kinds of loans.

We hope that loanscalculator.org will act as a catalyst in your endeavor to satisfy all your finance related quests.

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